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Happy Halloween


So – who of you DIDN’T dress up today? I’m not dressed as a pirate – not a ninja – I’m not a king – I am also not a Secret Service Guy like I was last year. I attended a networking opportunity at a competitor last year (Free Lunch “party” on Halloween), where they had pumpkin bowling and Halloween decorations – but not one other person dressed up. Quick side note: I’m still in business and they’re not. So, I’m wondering – are any of you other entrepreneurs not dressing up this year? Does it make your office more fun to have your employees/vendors dress up? Or does it just make the place unprofessional?


OPP: Other People’s Problems


Yesterday I attended an event that reminded me that my customers have feelings, desires and needs too. Today I had a meeting with a client that can be very difficult. He recently asked for some pretty good sized changes to his website. So, I had inteded to hand him a change request (change order) at the tail end of the meeting listing the changes and cost – but he mentioned that he had scheduled a meeting, right after ours, that he was dreading. As he got up, he asked me to wish him luck…

I think I’ll email it.

I like to win


So last month I won GrooveShark’s music service for a year – Just for submitting a picture of my pathetic entertainment system. Unfortunately they don’t have an iPhone app any longer :-(. I don’t know how much I’ll be using it, consequently. Today I’m trying to win an Evernote give away. You should go here and enter. I’ll [Like] you forever.

How did you find me?


So I started this blog as an experiment. I started on twitter because I wanted to follow an Apple event and keynote. Then I found people that I consider guru’s in my business. And it ballooned from there. I started on Facebook late. I didn’t care to have virtual friends. But then friends from High School and the Air Force started getting on Facebook, so I relented. Partly because I have consulted on the use of social media. I started blogging in 2001. I started on LinkedIn in 2006. I started consulting on blogging voice and Social Media Strategy for a multi-billion dollar company in 2007. I kinda needed to know what Facebook was about. Until 2009 I didn’t allow people I didn’t know into my Facebook life.

I started a new blog in 2009, mostly for business, but partly about things I care about: Mountain Biking, Apple Computers, Art, etc. It came ready made with followers, as I tweet about my posts and talk it up on LinkedIn. I haven’t told a sole about this blog, just wired it in to EmpireAvenue – a social gaming application. You can also find it from – As of today: 0 people subscribe to this blog. No one reads it.

Now for your questions…

What’s your influence worth to you?


So do you use anything to track how “influential” you are on social media? Do you care? If you find it remotely amusing (or don’t even know what I’m talking about…) try googling your twitter handle. Then try googling your town with the terms: “most influential”. OR, you could just go to Check out your twitter name. Look for your town. I’m number 76th according to wefollow, in influence – for Grand Rapids, MI. Course they only have me at 1400 followers when clearly I have over 1700. I am number one for I’m sure you can see why.

There’s a lot of talk lately about Klout. Tell me your thoughts.

Lastly there’s EmpireAvenue – do a search for Mollask. I’ll wait…

I’m worth over 70(e), or Eaves. With Klout, weFollow and Empire Avenue, you have to add your self to rank at all. You have to also tweet a lot and link up your other Social Media accounts. The one service that reacts quickest to the amount I tweet and post to blogs or Facebook is EA. Klout fluctuates based on ReTweets (RTs) and DM (direct messages); and who knows how wefollow works (like I said they have me at 1400 twitter followers). Personally I use SocMed to engage with technologically like-minded  people – and get my news. Influence is only something that makes me smile. How much I’m worth on EA is just a game, but does show if you’re engaging socially.

So do you care? What do you use to measure your “Clout” on SocMed?

Klout: Why am I not influential about coffee?


I drink coffee a lot. From numerous sources. I tweet about it. I check in on FourSquare at coffee houses. Why was “Rodent” one of my influential topics on Why wasn’t coffee there? Hmm? Klout? Can you answer what the H your algorithm is that rodent is a topic? I don’t even ever remember talking about mice, or squirrels or other rodents…

aimWest’s Journalism Event


Last night was aimWest’s “What has happened to journalism” – the refined title from “What the hell happened to journalism in the US?” – which was the working title we on the board used. In case you missed it, there will be a video released by WZZM TV 13 this Saturday – I’ll post a link when I have it. The panel discussion centered around how Social Media has affected changes in legacy or old media. Panelists included Tim Mak of Politico, from DC; Laurie Cirevello of The Rapidian, in Grand Rapids (A hyper-local publication of citizen journalists); and Stanton Tang the news director for WZZM.

You can read thoughts and twitter posts during and after the event here:!/search?q=%23aimwest

If any of you were there last night, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Actually even if you weren’t there, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what the H happened to Journalism.

Ok – go.

Why use WordPress?


I have had a few blogs in my lifetime. I’ve helped manage a couple dozen. I’m currently working on a design for a client’s new site using a CMS that has blogging at it’s core. Software, I sell most, has blogging as an option. Why use WordPress? Blogger, by Google is just as easy to set up. Posterous (which I use most frequently) is free and easy. Is it the name? Is it that there is such a large community behind it?

Next Question: how do you manage your WordPress site security?

Final Question: How many blogs do you have and do you use multiple platforms (as I do)?