What’s your influence worth to you?


So do you use anything to track how “influential” you are on social media? Do you care? If you find it remotely amusing (or don’t even know what I’m talking about…) try googling your twitter handle. Then try googling your town with the terms: “most influential”. OR, you could just go to wefollow.com. Check out your twitter name. Look for your town. I’m number 76th according to wefollow, in influence – for Grand Rapids, MI. Course they only have me at 1400 followers when clearly I have over 1700. I am number one for http://wefollow.com/twitter/gravityjunky. I’m sure you can see why.

There’s a lot of talk lately about Klout. Tell me your thoughts.

Lastly there’s EmpireAvenue – do a search for Mollask. I’ll wait…

I’m worth over 70(e), or Eaves. With Klout, weFollow and Empire Avenue, you have to add your self to rank at all. You have to also tweet a lot and link up your other Social Media accounts. The one service that reacts quickest to the amount I tweet and post to blogs or Facebook is EA. Klout fluctuates based on ReTweets (RTs) and DM (direct messages); and who knows how wefollow works (like I said they have me at 1400 twitter followers). Personally I use SocMed to engage with technologically like-minded  people – and get my news. Influence is only something that makes me smile. How much I’m worth on EA is just a game, but does show if you’re engaging socially.

So do you care? What do you use to measure your “Clout” on SocMed?


About mollask

I have 2 blogs now... and considering a Picture Only Blog as well - a la Tumbler. But since you're reading this... I could be described as a Website Designer, Internet Business Consultant, SEO Helper, Social Media Apostle, Semi-Professional Networker, Mountain Biker, Soccer Coach, or Artist - I'm also a Technology, Speed and Gravity Junkie, Road Cyclist, Skier, Tinkerer, as well as a Music, Food and Art Aficionado. Oh, and I pretty much love all things Apple. This blog is meant as an experiment. I just want to know if it can be found based solely on people endorsing it on http://empireavenue.com/mollask or google search results. Please tell me how you found me, and if you find my posts, here, interesting. I work for www.evolvesolutions.com You can learn more about me on www.linkedin.com/in/douglasmkelly There is, of course, a Facebook Fan Page - visit and I will post... wait, that's backwards... http://on.fb.me/EvolveFBFanPage -- And a whole 'nutha blog at http://blog.douglasmkelly.com

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