I made a minor change to my “Experiment”.


Yesterday I modified my blog experiment. I posted a link to this blog from Facebook. Let the analytics be the judge. I was getting 1-4 hits per day, just by listing it on a site where I have 600 “followers” – it’s a social gaming site and about 630 people have “invested” in me. I listed this WordPress blog there, and believed that content topics, and what-not, would drive traffic. In one month. Nada Mucho. Let’s see what happens now, eh?

Tell me – have you tried to write a blog and not tell anyone? Just to see what sort of traffic you’d get?


About mollask

I have 2 blogs now... and considering a Picture Only Blog as well - a la Tumbler. But since you're reading this... I could be described as a Website Designer, Internet Business Consultant, SEO Helper, Social Media Apostle, Semi-Professional Networker, Mountain Biker, Soccer Coach, or Artist - I'm also a Technology, Speed and Gravity Junkie, Road Cyclist, Skier, Tinkerer, as well as a Music, Food and Art Aficionado. Oh, and I pretty much love all things Apple. This blog is meant as an experiment. I just want to know if it can be found based solely on people endorsing it on http://empireavenue.com/mollask or google search results. Please tell me how you found me, and if you find my posts, here, interesting. I work for www.evolvesolutions.com You can learn more about me on www.linkedin.com/in/douglasmkelly There is, of course, a Facebook Fan Page - visit and I will post... wait, that's backwards... http://on.fb.me/EvolveFBFanPage -- And a whole 'nutha blog at http://blog.douglasmkelly.com

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  1. So do any of you have more than one blog? Why? Is it like the difference between Facebook, Linked In and Twitter? You use your blogs for different things? A quick response – say less than 140 characters is fine ;-).

  2. Yes. I wrote about some tech issues regarding security that I thought would have wide reaching appeal. Wrong. Posted a picture of someones dog and received 20 comments.

    The lesson: Want more engagement then post pictures of dogs.

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