Do you – um – Google Voice?


So I’m 13 days into this whole no land-line experiment. Saving a lot of money is worth some minor headaches. I’m looking for your testimonials here. What do you love about Google Voice. What cool things have you tried? If you don’t know what I’m talking about go here;  or to my other blog. Then come back here…

I’ll wait…

So did you go sign up? WHAT? You were supposed to go sign up for Google Voice. That’s what we’re discussing here.

…more waiting…

Done? Good. Now post some comments below.


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  1. Overall ~ I love Google Voice:

    The Good

    It’s free and my number is mine forever.

    The documented history of every call placed comes in handy:)

    I like to listen to incoming VM and then answer it in the middle of the live message.

    Voice to text is a cool visual aid and getting more accurate as GV gets more use.

    Number blocking is brilliant! Good-bye pesky telemarketers!

    Chrome browser extension for GV is awesome. Especially for texting and dialing.

    GV app for Android is superb integration!

    The Bad:

    GV app for the iPhone sucks. AT&T doesn’t help this app.

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