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Social Gaming


There’s this site, called Empire Avenue, that rewards you for being social. They allow people to buy and sell virtual stock in you – and you can do that same. You receive an increased share price if you tweet, facebook post, blog, and post images to flickr or videos to YouTube. If you use it, post your ticker name (mollask(e)) and I’ll go off and buy some stock in you. Mostly I want to know if you use any Kred, Klout or other social relevance tools – or social gaming to measure your social media and social marketing efforts. I think you know my thoughts on Klout (if you’ve been reading my blog…), but do you do more than use and google to track your SoMe?


Do You Like Snow?


Winter’s not really showed up in Michigan this Winter. But if it had, I’d have the snowmobile running and a hill sled run set up. We’re down like 30+ inches from last season at this time. This was ‘supposed’ to be a big snow fall year. Don’t get me wrong, not burning through the wood so fast is nice, but if it’s winter, I kinda like having snow on the ground.

So if it snows where you live, do you like it? Do you do fun things in it, like downhill skiing, sledding or ice fishing? Ooh! Snowshoeing (or snowshoe hare hunting?).

Great Week of Networking


If you missed me out at GRSM or aimWest, you missed a couple of great event in West MI. I’ll be blogging about them over at my Posterous site. If you wanted to view the GRSM event, that’s up on ustream. And the aimWest one will be posted somewhere for membership to view. GRSM was on how HigherEd does Social Media. aimWest was Raising an Entrepreneur.

If you did make it out to either – what was your favorite take away?

Added Benefits of Networking


All of us that blog are networkers. Albeit we’re doing it virtually. I have a networking opportunity tomorrow evening. I like to get out into the Meat Space or the 3rd Dimension to physically meet the people I have met virtually. If you live in West Michigan, come on out tomorrow night to the GVSU Eberhard Center and listen to Fred Keller founder of Cascade Engineering and his daughter Christina Keller founder of Triple Quest discuss how to raise an entrepreneur. Should be a good discussion – and you’ll meet me!

So do you attend physical networking opportunities like I do? Or do you just stay in your little virtual hole and quip to the world from behind your monitor?

One of the benefits of networking physically is that you gain influence that can translate into business opportunities. Another is that you can win stuff. Yet another is that they generally have food and beverages.

I took the weekend off


So this is Monday. I didn’t have the weekend that I wanted. Got stood up by friends – actually they post-poned until Sunday, but it through off the entire weekend. Anyway, I didn’t work on my company’s tasks all weekend. I feel like I played hooky. I did plough the drive. I attempted to get the snowmobile running.

I just looked over my task list for this week and really don’t see how I can get it all done. Are you an entrepreneur? Do you ever take a weekend off? How do you feel on Monday? Are you stressed like I am right now?

Pinterest – what do you need to know?


I don’t see me using Pinterest very much. I don’t share many pictures. I use but rarely share many of my bookmarks. I just house them on Delicious.

Here’s my take on Pinterest however. Get the app for your phone, so every “funny” thing you see can be tagged. Get the Google Chrome App so you can pin every “cool” site you find and share it with your friends. And make sure that you post to Facebook every time you pin something. If you’re going to do it right, make sure it’s connected to your Twitter account. And don’t follow me. You won’t find much there. It’s Mollask, BTW.

So comment for me would you? I completely get the power and allure of most forms of Social Media. Pinterest? Not so much for me. Why do you use Pinterest? Is it addicting for you?



Stop SOPA and PIPAToo many acronyms for you? Here’s a couple good links on what it is all about: (yes if you are seeing this on Jan 18 – I am magic) (Great Commentary on the whole thing)
And one joke (spoiler – there’s cartoon animal sex) (Only good today – hopefully he archives it)

Loving the warm January thaw.

Loving the warm January thaw.

Michigan has been very unseasonable for several days. We got some snow just after New Years, but have been in the 40s flirting with 50 for about 5 days now. I’ve gotten two bike rides in! I think I’m going again this afternoon.

I’ve been completely slammed at work for months now, and haven’t gotten the exercise I really need. So I’m forcing myself to move – get off my butt – lose a few lbs. It’s not a New Year’s Resolution, just using the new year as an excuse to do something different. Last couple posts tell of dropping caffeine. I’m also trying to cut back on the amount of alcohol I consume, eat more veggies and just trying to watch the caloric intake.

So are you doing anything different for 2012?

Day 3 Uncaffeinated.


Chai Latte – Homemade chai latte that is. That’s how I’m making it through this quitting caffeine kick I’m on. Monday was rough. Tuesday was slightly better. Today – not so bad. I slept great last night. Tomorrow, I’m going to ween off booze. “WHAT?!” you’re saying? Yes. It’s time. I need to lose a few lbs and this is all a good start. These are not New Years Resolutions. I’ve been weening off coffee/pop for a couple weeks now. Just thought a date would be a good start. I’m not saying that I’m quitting for good. Just for now.