Monthly Archives: February 2012

Holy Crap It’s Wednesday Haiku


Holy Crap it is Wednesday
Where did the week go?
I could use 4 more days here.


Do you use Pinterest?


Is Pinterest a huge waste of time; a dalliance for women only; Just another Delicious but with pictures; or really important to your life?

For me? I just don’t use it. I’ve found that I don’t even really use Google+. I was an early adopter for Facebook and Twitter – I have blogged since 2002 (not here of course), but I just don’t see how I need Pinterest.

Anyone Else Heat With Wood?


Let’s just jump in shall we?

  1. Do you buy your wood or cut/chop your self?
  2. Do you have an interior burner or exterior?
    • If interior, is it free-standing or an insert?
    • Do you have a blower?
    • If exterior, how big is your unit?
  3. How much wood do you use per season?
  4. What was your initial investment?
  5. If interior, does it tie in to your existing ductwork?

Ok – go.

Networking Events


I am really looking forward to a couple events next week. An old friend is speaking on Thursday to GRSM (google it) and a huge panel is talking about small business at aimWest (more googling). Then next month aimWest is doing our anual Tech Trends with Keith Brophey, it’s going to rock! A Fishbowl event! You should go. Check the events page at GRSM is doing a series on Social Content, starting with Audience Analytics. What events are you attending in the next 45 days?

Favorite Blogging Platform


So what’s your favorite blogging platform? As a place to blog, WordPress is pretty easy to use and update. Posterous is just as easy. As a website design platform, really not the biggest fan of WP though. Posterous isn’t bad, but there’s not the support community like WP. Drupal is pretty grand – the security is there. There’s a community – I’ll have to report back on the rollout thing though. I’m having a little minor issue with doing the template integration. I killed my site this weekend, with templates.

So again, I ask: What’s your favorite blogging platform.

Short Working “Vacation”


I totally shut down my social media access for a week. Well that’s not entirely true. I didn’t do Facebook for a week – but did tweet a little. Also did a bit of FourSquare. And there was a couple LinkedIn posts. But not the 12 times a day like normal. I might do it again in a week.

Have any of you quit SM for a short period? Did it hurt? Was it refreshing?

The biggest thing was Empire Avenue. I quit it for a week. I got a lot of work done as a result. I purchased a “Vacation” from EA that was supposed to keep my share price the same for that week. I could still receive investment eaves, but my price was to remain unchanged for the week. The unintended consequence was that my share price plummeted immediately following my return. I posted via Facebook, Twitter, linkedin and foursquare immediately upon my return. Didn’t do any good. Anyone else have this trouble?