Do you use Pinterest?


Is Pinterest a huge waste of time; a dalliance for women only; Just another Delicious but with pictures; or really important to your life?

For me? I just don’t use it. I’ve found that I don’t even really use Google+. I was an early adopter for Facebook and Twitter – I have blogged since 2002 (not here of course), but I just don’t see how I need Pinterest.

About mollask

I have 2 blogs now... and considering a Picture Only Blog as well - a la Tumbler. But since you're reading this... I could be described as a Website Designer, Internet Business Consultant, SEO Helper, Social Media Apostle, Semi-Professional Networker, Mountain Biker, Soccer Coach, or Artist - I'm also a Technology, Speed and Gravity Junkie, Road Cyclist, Skier, Tinkerer, as well as a Music, Food and Art Aficionado. Oh, and I pretty much love all things Apple. This blog is meant as an experiment. I just want to know if it can be found based solely on people endorsing it on or google search results. Please tell me how you found me, and if you find my posts, here, interesting. I work for You can learn more about me on There is, of course, a Facebook Fan Page - visit and I will post... wait, that's backwards... -- And a whole 'nutha blog at

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  1. I’ve met 2 women in the last 2 weeks that use Pinterest. I’ve also talked to 2 women that don’t want to use it. I’ve not talked to any men that either know of it, use it, or care. If you’re a man that uses Pinterest – please post here. I’d love to know why you like it. I suppose if you’re a woman and like it, I’d like to hear from you as well.

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