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Say It’s My Birthday!

Douglas Kelly's Birthday is Today!

Birthday Cake Image Provided by Creative Commons. Thanks Eliza Adam.

“It’s your birthday too, yeah.” Actually I don’t know who else’s birthday it is, but for the now deceased Saddam Hussein and the lovely Jessica Alba. I hear that some guy named Jay Leno has this date for his birthday. My uncle Ed shares this date as his birthday.

On this date nothing interesting happened. The only marginally interesting thing that I could find was that Sir Isaac Newton’s book was published. Oh and in 1923, Wembley Stadium opened with Bolton Wanderers vs West Ham United in the FA Cup. Holy COW has that rivalry been going on a while. Only one’s still in the English Premier League.

So today for my birthday, I will coach two soccer games. A U10 Boys and U12 Girls. I doubt they will be as heavily watched as the 1923 game, but it will be as riveting for those attending.

Have a great my birthday.

Grand Rapids Social Marketing


I moderated again this month: – I’m the spiky-haired guy at the opening. Hope you can learn something from a 200 store retailer based in GR. If you live in WMI, you should try attending. If not check out our stream, every month, live from the Grand Rapids Community Foundation.

Quick Followup on Posterous


I have not been able to get my Posterous site up for over a week, now. It’s very frustrating. I have narrowed it down to either an issue with DNS at Media Temple or a bad IP from Posterous. I will accept any hints, solutions or thoughts on this.’s online customer service chat has been helpful, but I’m still not online.

Live What you Believe


Cross by Douglas KellyFriday, I found myself sitting in a coffeehouse. Ok it was a Panera. It was just before lunch, when Panera kick you off their wireless, so started writing this, hopefully to get done in 12 minutes. I didn’t.

Anyway, I had to throw ear goggle on as the women behind me were bitching and complaining about everything in their lives. Lucky there was a good bit of Goth being played on Because they talked loud enough, to hear everything they said, I know they consider themselves Christians. However they had nothing nice to say about anyone in their lives. Is that how Jesus lived? Is that what Jesus preached? I also consider myself a Christian, and yes this is complaining about another person (or 2). But I’m only bringing this all up, because I hope that each of you consider Christ’s teachings in your lives. Whether or not you are a Christian. Love thy neighbor as thyself. He lived love. He was love – and for me, he is love. Please stop passing judgement on others. For one thing it makes you angry, and does nothing to hurt the other person, unless you act on it and physically try to change their lives negatively.

Lastly, if you think you’re a Christian, live like it. Do it in public. Love others. This means being kind.

Posterous Issues


Posterous Spaces Issues - Is it Twitter's fault?Last week, with out my prior knowledge, Posterous changed how they handle sub domains pointing to their servers. This means if you had a blog address, namely – all of a sudden your domain wouldn’t resolve to a site. My blog, over on Posterous, effectively went down. No email was received. There was no popups or alerts on their site. When they changed their IP address about a year ago, there was an email a week telling bloggers Posterous’ old IP was going away. So here I am stuck researching how to fix this, as I’ve listed the blog in my email signature block.

I have a registrar where I ordered my domain name service (DNS) that points to my virtual server. I had an A record pointing to the IP that Posterous lists on their help section. Then on April 11th or 12th or shortly thereafter, my blog stopped showing up. You can’t even go there by using something like!! Posterous was recently purchased by Twitter. I’m not saying that they’re the cause, but they’re the 2nd largest social networking site – And they can’t tell everyone they’re changing their practices? Finally today, I located a help document on how to do a sub domain – one has to point a CNAME record to It’s very easy. There’s an article on Posterous’ site. Let’s just hope that it works. I’ll comment/update when/if everything resolves correctly.

I’ve spent the last few days changing A records on both the registrar’s site then my server and back to the registrar. Thanks Posteritter. Changing from an A record to a CNAME is easy, but does take some time for the DNS servers to update. MEH.

There Are So Many Times Where…

Bulova Watch - I love mine!

Can you spare some time?

I wish I had more time.

I wish I could sleep more.

I had more time to exercise.

I need to stop and think.

I need to slow down.

I need to try and relate to where “youre” coming from. (“You’re: being anyone, really)

I need to verbalize my needs and wants so “you” don’t get frustrated. (see above)

Google Plus Calendar


Calendaring Today I found where google allows it’s users to post times that others can select from – to create an appointment. It’s a cool new feature, however still not as great as Tungle (See previous post).

Have you tried it yet? Have you tried Tungle?!! Go research and come back…

… done? Ok, so what do you think? Did you understand what they’re doing? Social Calendaring! Personally, I think the new setting in Google and the Tungle site are on to something. Just really hasn’t taken off. Why do you suppose that is? Privacy?

Have you used Basecamp or some other Project Management tool? There’s calendaring in these services. How is it different from Tungle?

Tungle Calendar


From BrazenCareerist

Do you Tungle? is an awesome tool, owned by RIM/Blackberry. Probably the best thing they own (duck). I like that you pick the date and time, and my calendar will just tell me to show up. It’s better than a wife. It doesn’t complain. It doesn’t nag. It doesn’t get headaches. It doesn’t remind you that you don’t measure up to her expectations – constantly. I love Tungle.

What do you use for your online calendaring tool?

Facebook Buys Instagram for $1Bil


Will you cancel your instagram account?

Will you cancel your Instagram account, because of this?

Image from ZDNet.

I was shocked to hear that Facebook had purchased Instagram for A TON of $$s. There’s a lot of buz about it today, on G+, Twitter, Facebook and even CNN. One person thought Facebook might be targeting Pinterest, as they climb to the number 3 spot, leap-frogging past LinkedIn. I posted an interesting infographic last week about who uses each of the major social media venues.

So what do you think? Is this a smart move for Facebook? Will you continue to use it after Facebook integrates it into their service? Are you even one of the 30 million users? In 6 days on the Android store it was downloaded 5 million times. Personally, I have it, but don’t use it on my iphone.

What Is Your Favorite Part About a Monday?


I love the reletively clean slate. I love that it’s a whole new week to be awesome. I really like that it’s a slow start day. No one else likes Mondays so I never get a call at 8am. It’s just a good day. Tuesdays aren’t as good as Mondays. Friday’s suck, because I’ve not finished everything I wanted to, and know that I’ll be working Saturday. Sunday is just behind Monday, IMO.

I didn’t always like Mondays. But when I started my business, I owned Mondays.

What’s your favorite day? What about Mondays do you like best?