Actual Uses for Pinterest in Business



Are you there? Should you be?

Today I found this article on 7 uses of Pinterest for business: [link] – I’ll wait for you to read it…

…Ok, what did you think? I finally see something that I can use it for.

Yesterday I delivered a Marketing Plan to a client. We didn’t list Pinterest as an avenue for the client to utilize, but I can see it entering in later this year, in say a Phase 2. They didn’t have a SocMe presence until the end of last year. Now they have a plan, and a new marketing person to help implement. And maybe – Pinterest can help. Have you found other uses for Pinterest? Have you reviewed my previous post on the demographics? [Link to prev post] — If you have a target market that includes the fairer sex… you might want to consider Pinterest.


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  1. As a huge advocate of social media, I have to say I hate the idea of business using Pinterest. What started as a cute way for the etsy crowd to share crafty ideas and recipes will soon turn into a mass marketing arena like much of the rest of the social media world.

    If a biz is selling a crafty product, or cupcakes, I say go the Pinterest route! The article you posted is a very content-friendly way of using Pinterest to promote. However, you know its not going to stay that way forever. Soon it will be overrun with links to SEO businesses and work at home scams. Just look at open LinkedIn or Facebook group – see any relevant content there?

    Can we just agree to leave Pinterest alone? Is nothing sacred anymore?

  2. Well, Bourne2b, once millions flocked to Pinterest, you knew that people were going to find a way to utilize the sticky eyes there, for business. In the view of my client, they can post pictures of what they manufacture – allowing people to share them with others.

    And no – nothing is sacred any more. Sorry.

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