Say It’s My Birthday!

Douglas Kelly's Birthday is Today!

Birthday Cake Image Provided by Creative Commons. Thanks Eliza Adam.

“It’s your birthday too, yeah.” Actually I don’t know who else’s birthday it is, but for the now deceased Saddam Hussein and the lovely Jessica Alba. I hear that some guy named Jay Leno has this date for his birthday. My uncle Ed shares this date as his birthday.

On this date nothing interesting happened. The only marginally interesting thing that I could find was that Sir Isaac Newton’s book was published. Oh and in 1923, Wembley Stadium opened with Bolton Wanderers vs West Ham United in the FA Cup. Holy COW has that rivalry been going on a while. Only one’s still in the English Premier League.

So today for my birthday, I will coach two soccer games. A U10 Boys and U12 Girls. I doubt they will be as heavily watched as the 1923 game, but it will be as riveting for those attending.

Have a great my birthday.


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