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As May Draws To A Close…


US Navy comes throughWhat a month it’s been. I lost and gained a national speaker for aimWest. I almost lost a dear friend, and got her back. My dog lost a giant growth on her mammaries. Lucky I still have her too.

It’s been a hot and cold month in Michigan, but the hots have been really hot and the colds manageable. Not so with the events. Losing the USAF, as a speaker, for aimWest was really tough. I had to scramble. Gaining the Navy was awesome – if you’re near Grand Rapids MI tomorrow, you should plan on coming. Cmdr Servello of the US Navy is an awesome speaker. I am in 2 people’s debt because of it. But it doesn’t bother me. Almost losing my friend Donna was a huge mental drainer. Taking in the dog wasn’t difficult. I’m doing trade for the surgeries and she’s doing wonderfully. USAF Drops the Ball

There are various and sundry other things that happened, including some very cool things and some not so hot events. I’m not going to get into them today, however. Next month, I’m hoping for some rest and a complete lack of craziness. Wish me luck?

Michigan Weather Haiku


Perfect May Day near Lowell MI

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This AM, Jon Shaner (Weather Guesser from WXMI Fox 17) wrote a weather haiku:

What’s a perfect day?
Today will be close to it.
Sunny & pleasant.

Sums up today’s weather in West Michigan. Lovely!

In about 29 minutes I’m moving my desk outside to the patio.

aimWest Is Bringing The Navy


aimWest Young ManThis month I was able to secure the Social Media Director for the US Navy to come speak to aimWest. If you live anywhere with in 2 hours of Grand Rapids, MI, I invite you to join us for this awesome event. It’s not every day the Navy becomes transparent, with out cloaking themselves… You won’t want to miss this inexpensive opportunity to network with other marketing folks from West Michigan and hear an awesome speaker.

Today I Post To 4 WordPress Blogs


For the organization (aimWest) I’m president of, I will post a new event. I post this article on mollaskatude. For a client I post a new form. And on my friend Jay’s blog – I commented on his Gay Marriage post.

This afternoon, however I deliver a quote to use Drupal as a CMS/Blogging Platform. I’m even considering making Evolve’s site a Drupal site. Do you use a blogging platform as your primary company CMS platform? Why did you pick WordPress? If Drupal, why? Is there something you liked better? Why? Lots o’questions, but I’m doing this informal poll.

Soccer Games – 1st Games of Spring 2012 Season

Creative Commons Soccer Ball

Still can’t get over the kids’ soccer games on Saturday. The U10 boys came back from a 2 goal deficit to tie it up in the second half. There was an own goal against Gavin (no way to stop it), but they tied it up again with less than a minute to play in the game. They never – ever – gave up – and played so well as a team. They didn’t bunch, passed well and looked great against an older team. My son stopped everything else while in goal, including a penalty kick over the wall.

The U12 girls went up against a team from another local YMCA that play a very physical game. They got called for a couple pushes that ended their rough play. A couple of the girls really shined Saturday, but they all played so well – Much better than I expected. The shiners have struggled to fully understand the game, over the last few seasons, but one scored and another stole everything that came near her, passed well and played tough. Nice 4-1 win and I’m so proud of them all.

Oh yes the image? The girls all decided they wanted to be the “Spartans” as their jerseys are Green and White.