What types of things do you do to keep cool in the Summer?


Water Fight

image used under creative commons – pict found on http://www.layers-of-learning.com/schools-summer/

Yesterday my son’s friends and their parents came over for a grill out/adult beverages (for the adults, silly), and a water fight. Lucky it was 90˚F in WMI yesterday. It was really fun for the kids, with water balloon wars, squirt gun fights, water wand (soaker) shooting and me trying to keep all the refilling stations … well, filled with water. I’m pretty sure all the water really helped the lawn too.

There were grand parents, close to a dozen kids, and one dog, who thought it funny to play with the local black and white “kitty” the night before. Yay. I really needed to use the rest of my skunk recipe just before a party.

We threw up a canopy to add to the already shady back yard, but most all the kids found sun to hang out instead. Consequently the boy child got sun or heat stroke last night. I spent the night trying to keep Tylenol down him and ingesting water. Finally around 3:55am he floated off to sleep. And so did I. I can’t say this vehemently enough: DRINK FLUIDS – and not ones with diarrhetics, like alcohol or caffeine in them when it’s hot and or sunny.

So – Do you have a pool, lake or other fun way of keeping cool this Summer? And are you drinking enough water?


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