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Soccer Games – 1st Games of Spring 2012 Season

Creative Commons Soccer Ball

Still can’t get over the kids’ soccer games on Saturday. The U10 boys came back from a 2 goal deficit to tie it up in the second half. There was an own goal against Gavin (no way to stop it), but they tied it up again with less than a minute to play in the game. They never – ever – gave up – and played so well as a team. They didn’t bunch, passed well and looked great against an older team. My son stopped everything else while in goal, including a penalty kick over the wall.

The U12 girls went up against a team from another local YMCA that play a very physical game. They got called for a couple pushes that ended their rough play. A couple of the girls really shined Saturday, but they all played so well – Much better than I expected. The shiners have struggled to fully understand the game, over the last few seasons, but one scored and another stole everything that came near her, passed well and played tough. Nice 4-1 win and I’m so proud of them all.

Oh yes the image? The girls all decided they wanted to be the “Spartans” as their jerseys are Green and White.

Say It’s My Birthday!

Douglas Kelly's Birthday is Today!

Birthday Cake Image Provided by Creative Commons. Thanks Eliza Adam.

“It’s your birthday too, yeah.” Actually I don’t know who else’s birthday it is, but for the now deceased Saddam Hussein and the lovely Jessica Alba. I hear that some guy named Jay Leno has this date for his birthday. My uncle Ed shares this date as his birthday.

On this date nothing interesting happened. The only marginally interesting thing that I could find was that Sir Isaac Newton’s book was published. Oh and in 1923, Wembley Stadium opened with Bolton Wanderers vs West Ham United in the FA Cup. Holy COW has that rivalry been going on a while. Only one’s still in the English Premier League.

So today for my birthday, I will coach two soccer games. A U10 Boys and U12 Girls. I doubt they will be as heavily watched as the 1923 game, but it will be as riveting for those attending.

Have a great my birthday.

Live What you Believe


Cross by Douglas KellyFriday, I found myself sitting in a coffeehouse. Ok it was a Panera. It was just before lunch, when Panera kick you off their wireless, so started writing this, hopefully to get done in 12 minutes. I didn’t.

Anyway, I had to throw ear goggle on as the women behind me were bitching and complaining about everything in their lives. Lucky there was a good bit of Goth being played on Because they talked loud enough, to hear everything they said, I know they consider themselves Christians. However they had nothing nice to say about anyone in their lives. Is that how Jesus lived? Is that what Jesus preached? I also consider myself a Christian, and yes this is complaining about another person (or 2). But I’m only bringing this all up, because I hope that each of you consider Christ’s teachings in your lives. Whether or not you are a Christian. Love thy neighbor as thyself. He lived love. He was love – and for me, he is love. Please stop passing judgement on others. For one thing it makes you angry, and does nothing to hurt the other person, unless you act on it and physically try to change their lives negatively.

Lastly, if you think you’re a Christian, live like it. Do it in public. Love others. This means being kind.

Dear Spammers


I do read your spam comments to see if WordPress flagged them correctly. They are all (100%) spam. But I do read them – so I ask: Could you try to make them more interesting? Please? If not, stop doing them. If they can’t get through WP’s spam filters, do you think they’re going to make it past my skillful eye? Hm? Well do ya?