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Been Off Blogging For Almost A Year


Ever get to busy to write? I just did. For a year. I still consult on Social Media, Social Marketing, SEO, and all things internet, however: When you get too busy to blog – You know things are going well. It’s gotten so “bad” that I even let my other blog shut down. That was my favorite too. Sorry Mollask peeps. So – comment: what have you stopped doing lately? or, Are you still waiting for the economy to turn around for you?



I’ve blogged a couple times, once here and once on this blog. Are you stuck on your score, measured engagement or “Clout”? I believe that engageemnt is best measured in actual conversation, not how many times you were retweeted or “liked”.

Check out the blog link above and comment either place.

There Are So Many Times Where…

Bulova Watch - I love mine!

Can you spare some time?

I wish I had more time.

I wish I could sleep more.

I had more time to exercise.

I need to stop and think.

I need to slow down.

I need to try and relate to where “youre” coming from. (“You’re: being anyone, really)

I need to verbalize my needs and wants so “you” don’t get frustrated. (see above)

Title Optional?


Why does WordPress make the title optional? They also make entering categories and tags not required. Doesn’t this all go against everything we’ve been taught (or have taught, in my case) about blogging? If you like a particular topic that a blogger posts, you can read more thoughts of a similar nature if they put in tags or categories. Also, with WordPress, you can find other authors on similar topics.

Hash tags are optional for Twitter, but if you’re adding to a conversation or starting one, if people are going to follow it, you will need it. The same is true with blogging. Categorizing only makes things easier for your audience.

So – hey WordPress: Stop making things optional. Make it easier to tag, categorize and title posts. 

Social Gaming


There’s this site, called Empire Avenue, that rewards you for being social. They allow people to buy and sell virtual stock in you – and you can do that same. You receive an increased share price if you tweet, facebook post, blog, and post images to flickr or videos to YouTube. If you use it, post your ticker name (mollask(e)) and I’ll go off and buy some stock in you. Mostly I want to know if you use any Kred, Klout or other social relevance tools – or social gaming to measure your social media and social marketing efforts. I think you know my thoughts on Klout (if you’ve been reading my blog…), but do you do more than use and google to track your SoMe?