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Been Off Blogging For Almost A Year


Ever get to busy to write? I just did. For a year. I still consult on Social Media, Social Marketing, SEO, and all things internet, however: When you get too busy to blog – You know things are going well. It’s gotten so “bad” that I even let my other blog shut down. That was my favorite too. Sorry Mollask peeps. So – comment: what have you stopped doing lately? or, Are you still waiting for the economy to turn around for you?

Today I Post To 4 WordPress Blogs


For the organization (aimWest) I’m president of, I will post a new event. I post this article on mollaskatude. For a client I post a new form. And on my friend Jay’s blog – I commented on his Gay Marriage post.

This afternoon, however I deliver a quote to use Drupal as a CMS/Blogging Platform. I’m even considering making Evolve’s site a Drupal site. Do you use a blogging platform as your primary company CMS platform? Why did you pick WordPress? If Drupal, why? Is there something you liked better? Why? Lots o’questions, but I’m doing this informal poll.

Quick Followup on Posterous


I have not been able to get my Posterous site up for over a week, now. It’s very frustrating. I have narrowed it down to either an issue with DNS at Media Temple or a bad IP from Posterous. I will accept any hints, solutions or thoughts on this. MediaTemple.net’s online customer service chat has been helpful, but I’m still not online.

Posterous Issues


Posterous Spaces Issues - Is it Twitter's fault?Last week, with out my prior knowledge, Posterous changed how they handle sub domains pointing to their servers. This means if you had a blog address, namely blog.douglasmkelly.com – all of a sudden your domain wouldn’t resolve to a site. My blog, over on Posterous, effectively went down. No email was received. There was no popups or alerts on their site. When they changed their IP address about a year ago, there was an email a week telling bloggers Posterous’ old IP was going away. So here I am stuck researching how to fix this, as I’ve listed the blog in my email signature block.

I have a registrar where I ordered my domain name service (DNS) that points to my virtual server. I had an A record pointing to the IP that Posterous lists on their help section. Then on April 11th or 12th or shortly thereafter, my blog stopped showing up. You can’t even go there by using something like posterous.com/DouglasMKelly!! Posterous was recently purchased by Twitter. I’m not saying that they’re the cause, but they’re the 2nd largest social networking site – And they can’t tell everyone they’re changing their practices? Finally today, I located a help document on how to do a sub domain – one has to point a CNAME record to posterous.com. It’s very easy. There’s an article on Posterous’ site. Let’s just hope that it works. I’ll comment/update when/if everything resolves correctly.

I’ve spent the last few days changing A records on both the registrar’s site then my server and back to the registrar. Thanks Posteritter. Changing from an A record to a CNAME is easy, but does take some time for the DNS servers to update. MEH.

Title Optional?


Why does WordPress make the title optional? They also make entering categories and tags not required. Doesn’t this all go against everything we’ve been taught (or have taught, in my case) about blogging? If you like a particular topic that a blogger posts, you can read more thoughts of a similar nature if they put in tags or categories. Also, with WordPress, you can find other authors on similar topics.

Hash tags are optional for Twitter, but if you’re adding to a conversation or starting one, if people are going to follow it, you will need it. The same is true with blogging. Categorizing only makes things easier for your audience.

So – hey WordPress: Stop making things optional. Make it easier to tag, categorize and title posts. 

Dear Spammers


I do read your spam comments to see if WordPress flagged them correctly. They are all (100%) spam. But I do read them – so I ask: Could you try to make them more interesting? Please? If not, stop doing them. If they can’t get through WP’s spam filters, do you think they’re going to make it past my skillful eye? Hm? Well do ya?


Favorite Blogging Platform


So what’s your favorite blogging platform? As a place to blog, WordPress is pretty easy to use and update. Posterous is just as easy. As a website design platform, really not the biggest fan of WP though. Posterous isn’t bad, but there’s not the support community like WP. Drupal is pretty grand – the security is there. There’s a community – I’ll have to report back on the rollout thing though. I’m having a little minor issue with doing the template integration. I killed my site this weekend, with templates.

So again, I ask: What’s your favorite blogging platform.

Great Week of Networking


If you missed me out at GRSM or aimWest, you missed a couple of great event in West MI. I’ll be blogging about them over at my Posterous site. If you wanted to view the GRSM event, that’s up on ustream. And the aimWest one will be posted somewhere for membership to view. GRSM was on how HigherEd does Social Media. aimWest was Raising an Entrepreneur.

If you did make it out to either – what was your favorite take away?