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Customer Support


I’ve written a bit on Customer Support (on my other blog: http://blog.douglasmkelly.com) am about to do it again, but just wanted to quick post here about some terrible customer service that I received from a Buy.com company. I purchased a cheap $40 portable speaker system for $10 on Buy.com. When they arrived I put them away for Christmas. After a few days I decided to open them and ensure they worked. They didn’t. So I found where I needed to email and sent them a note saying that the company needed to send me a return label (free of charge, of course). I also mentioned the issues and that it was a Christmas present.

Two days later, I went back out to the site and found the online form – filled it out – fired off a new message to the seller. 3 days later I got an email giving me a number to call. I wrote them back after the number just disconnected the call after 6-7 rings.

Two days later they called me back saying “please call XXX-XXX-XXXX”. The phone 7 times and hung up on me. I called 2 more times and once a message said that the cell number was unavailable and to call back. I emailed the company and gave notice that I was going to be writing a bad review in 1 hour. I waited 20 hours and wrote the review and then emailed Buy.com with my animosity. 2 hours later a call – to which I returned (w/a VM at the other end!). The message to me stated the “VP” would like to send out a new item to me. FINALLY! All this said – I will see if I get a working item – then finish the post over at blog.douglas. I just had to rant here first.

Tell Me Your Holliday Rituals


I had lunch with a friend and associate this week. She imparted her Christmas Menu, prepared every year. I’ll just give you a couple things, but suffice it to say that she is Italian: Home made bread wrapped sausage; stuffed squid; turkey and stuffing; and from scratch ravioli. She told me that there were other dishes that she just won’t make any longer either, like Bacalhau, which requires 3 days of preparation.

There is no major tradition in my house, save for a 2-day 3-house holiday shuffle. There’s no food systemic at any of the houses. The kids do have to sing to Sinterklaas for 5-7 days, up to December 5th, with their shoes full of carrots and apples for Schimmel (Sinterklaas’s horse), but that’s the only food that HAS to be in the house during Christmas. A new tradition is the kids helping me put up the Christmas tree, but that’s about it.

So, since I don’t have any traditional things that go on EVERY year the same way, I want to know what are your traditions. What makes the holidays, “The Holidays” for you?