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Live What you Believe


Cross by Douglas KellyFriday, I found myself sitting in a coffeehouse. Ok it was a Panera. It was just before lunch, when Panera kick you off their wireless, so started writing this, hopefully to get done in 12 minutes. I didn’t.

Anyway, I had to throw ear goggle on as the women behind me were bitching and complaining about everything in their lives. Lucky there was a good bit of Goth being played on KEXP.org. Because they talked loud enough, to hear everything they said, I know they consider themselves Christians. However they had nothing nice to say about anyone in their lives. Is that how Jesus lived? Is that what Jesus preached? I also consider myself a Christian, and yes this is complaining about another person (or 2). But I’m only bringing this all up, because I hope that each of you consider Christ’s teachings in your lives. Whether or not you are a Christian. Love thy neighbor as thyself. He lived love. He was love – and for me, he is love. Please stop passing judgement on others. For one thing it makes you angry, and does nothing to hurt the other person, unless you act on it and physically try to change their lives negatively.

Lastly, if you think you’re a Christian, live like it. Do it in public. Love others. This means being kind.

Day 2: Back on Caffeine


Caffeination - and quitting a New Years ResolutionYes I gave in. Tuesday night I got 1.5 hours of sleep. I couldn’t function with out caffeine yesterday. Last night I was in the bed for 10 hours. I received about 8 hours (which is a huge improvement from the 4-5 I’ve been getting on average). Between late nights, early mornings for work and an early Spring in Michigan, I have permanent bags under my eyes. What’s that Bare Naked Ladies song? “Who needs sleep? You’re never gonna get it. Who needs Sleep? Tell me what that’s for.”

I woke up every hour on the 1/2 hour to blow my nose and cough last night. So this AM, I took the last cup in the pot. In my defense (other than the reasons listed above), it’s 1/2 caf. And at 8:30am in the morning – a very late start to the day for me. I needed something to clear the cobwebs and go. Do any of these resonate with you?

So much for that New Year’s Resolution. Anyone else kill there’s and how long did it take?

Day 3 Uncaffeinated.


Chai Latte – Homemade chai latte that is. That’s how I’m making it through this quitting caffeine kick I’m on. Monday was rough. Tuesday was slightly better. Today – not so bad. I slept great last night. Tomorrow, I’m going to ween off booze. “WHAT?!” you’re saying? Yes. It’s time. I need to lose a few lbs and this is all a good start. These are not New Years Resolutions. I’ve been weening off coffee/pop for a couple weeks now. Just thought a date would be a good start. I’m not saying that I’m quitting for good. Just for now.

Klout: Why am I not influential about coffee?


I drink coffee a lot. From numerous sources. I tweet about it. I check in on FourSquare at coffee houses. Why was “Rodent” one of my influential topics on Klout.com? Why wasn’t coffee there? Hmm? Klout? Can you answer what the H your algorithm is that rodent is a topic? I don’t even ever remember talking about mice, or squirrels or other rodents…