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End of Year


I’m working until 5 today. I’m probably working in the AM tomorrow (Sat) too. I do not have a nine to five type job and really haven’t worked 8hrs/day, except on vacation – which I’ve only taken one in 10 years. I could be considered a workaholic I suppose. But it is the way of the Entrepreneur.

I am pretty passionate about what I do. I love helping people and providing the best possible service to my clients. I generally do more than I’m paid for (contractually). That all leads to too much work, but I’m rarely dull. I’m excited, every day, about my work and chosen profession. I constantly get to learn new things. Who couldn’t love that?

What about you? Does your job make you feel depressed? Do you long for 5:00pm on Fridays? Do you need to change your attitude or is it the job’s fault?

Customer Service Followup


Today Buy.com refunded me from the speaker purchase before Christmas. Meh! I’m glad to get the money back, but what I wanted was good customer support from the seller. I never really got it. Buy sent me a nice note, though – stating that they called the seller too and couldn’t get through – no VM, etc. So I’m out speakers but I’m not out money. I am still grumpy. I will also read the reviews from other purchasers more.