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What Is Your Favorite Part About a Monday?


I love the reletively clean slate. I love that it’s a whole new week to be awesome. I really like that it’s a slow start day. No one else likes Mondays so I never get a call at 8am. It’s just a good day. Tuesdays aren’t as good as Mondays. Friday’s suck, because I’ve not finished everything I wanted to, and know that I’ll be working Saturday. Sunday is just behind Monday, IMO.

I didn’t always like Mondays. But when I started my business, I owned Mondays.

What’s your favorite day? What about Mondays do you like best?

End of Year


I’m working until 5 today. I’m probably working in the AM tomorrow (Sat) too. I do not have a nine to five type job and really haven’t worked 8hrs/day, except on vacation – which I’ve only taken one in 10 years. I could be considered a workaholic I suppose. But it is the way of the Entrepreneur.

I am pretty passionate about what I do. I love helping people and providing the best possible service to my clients. I generally do more than I’m paid for (contractually). That all leads to too much work, but I’m rarely dull. I’m excited, every day, about my work and chosen profession. I constantly get to learn new things. Who couldn’t love that?

What about you? Does your job make you feel depressed? Do you long for 5:00pm on Fridays? Do you need to change your attitude or is it the job’s fault?