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Facebook Buys Instagram for $1Bil


Will you cancel your instagram account?

Will you cancel your Instagram account, because of this?

Image from ZDNet.

I was shocked to hear that Facebook had purchased Instagram for A TON of $$s. There’s a lot of buz about it today, on G+, Twitter, Facebook and even CNN. One person thought Facebook might be targeting Pinterest, as they climb to the number 3 spot, leap-frogging past LinkedIn. I posted an interesting infographic last week about who uses each of the major social media venues.

So what do you think? Is this a smart move for Facebook? Will you continue to use it after Facebook integrates it into their service? Are you even one of the 30 million users? In 6 days on the Android store it was downloaded 5 million times. Personally, I have it, but don’t use it on my iphone.

Short Working “Vacation”


I totally shut down my social media access for a week. Well that’s not entirely true. I didn’t do Facebook for a week – but did tweet a little. Also did a bit of FourSquare. And there was a couple LinkedIn posts. But not the 12 times a day like normal. I might do it again in a week.

Have any of you quit SM for a short period? Did it hurt? Was it refreshing?

The biggest thing was Empire Avenue. I quit it for a week. I got a lot of work done as a result. I purchased a “Vacation” from EA that was supposed to keep my share price the same for that week. I could still receive investment eaves, but my price was to remain unchanged for the week. The unintended consequence was that my share price plummeted immediately following my return. I posted via Facebook, Twitter, linkedin and foursquare immediately upon my return. Didn’t do any good. Anyone else have this trouble?

Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn Oh My


So I went into the Snarky Forest, today, and did not come out unscathed. I didn’t think I was being overly rude – but was called out. I also lost 6-8 followers at the same time – not sure if they coincided. I did DM the individual and apologize. I have a couple twitter friends that snark-out all the time and never get any bad responses. Well, none they care about.

I’m always completely professional on LinkeIn. I play a little on Facebook. I’m generally more professional, with a side of humor, on Twitter. I have always felt that a little sarcasm was fun. Today – someone felt hurt by my remarks. I have re-seen the light and will not be rude/sarcastic/other-than-nice on the Social front again.

What about you? Do you care what others think of you online differently than you do in person? Do you have a persona that carries over from real life to the virtual one?

Do you Facebook?


This week The Grand Rapids Social Media group is hosting our monthly meeting. If you live in West Michigan, come learn how Celebration Cinema teaches their staff on how to use Facebook, and their strategy. Should be some good info from Jeremy Bronson, from Celebration. The event starts at noon, but we don’t provide lunch – so you’ll want to pack something or hit one of the local restaurants and grab a sandy. There’s sure to be some other SocMe experts there as well. So come on down to the Grand Rapids Community Foundation and join in the discussion.