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Today I Post To 4 WordPress Blogs


For the organization (aimWest) I’m president of, I will post a new event. I post this article on mollaskatude. For a client I post a new form. And on my friend Jay’s blog – I commented on his Gay Marriage post.

This afternoon, however I deliver a quote to use Drupal as a CMS/Blogging Platform. I’m even considering making Evolve’s site a Drupal site. Do you use a blogging platform as your primary company CMS platform? Why did you pick WordPress? If Drupal, why? Is there something you liked better? Why? Lots o’questions, but I’m doing this informal poll.

Great Week of Networking


If you missed me out at GRSM or aimWest, you missed a couple of great event in West MI. I’ll be blogging about them over at my Posterous site. If you wanted to view the GRSM event, that’s up on ustream. And the aimWest one will be posted somewhere for membership to view. GRSM was on how HigherEd does Social Media. aimWest was Raising an Entrepreneur.

If you did make it out to either – what was your favorite take away?

Added Benefits of Networking


All of us that blog are networkers. Albeit we’re doing it virtually. I have a networking opportunity tomorrow evening. I like to get out into the Meat Space or the 3rd Dimension to physically meet the people I have met virtually. If you live in West Michigan, come on out tomorrow night to the GVSU Eberhard Center and listen to Fred Keller founder of Cascade Engineering and his daughter Christina Keller founder of Triple Quest discuss how to raise an entrepreneur. Should be a good discussion – and you’ll meet me!

So do you attend physical networking opportunities like I do? Or do you just stay in your little virtual hole and quip to the world from behind your monitor?

One of the benefits of networking physically is that you gain influence that can translate into business opportunities. Another is that you can win stuff. Yet another is that they generally have food and beverages.

What’s your influence worth to you?


So do you use anything to track how “influential” you are on social media? Do you care? If you find it remotely amusing (or don’t even know what I’m talking about…) try googling your twitter handle. Then try googling your town with the terms: “most influential”. OR, you could just go to wefollow.com. Check out your twitter name. Look for your town. I’m number 76th according to wefollow, in influence – for Grand Rapids, MI. Course they only have me at 1400 followers when clearly I have over 1700. I am number one for http://wefollow.com/twitter/gravityjunky. I’m sure you can see why.

There’s a lot of talk lately about Klout. Tell me your thoughts.

Lastly there’s EmpireAvenue – do a search for Mollask. I’ll wait…

I’m worth over 70(e), or Eaves. With Klout, weFollow and Empire Avenue, you have to add your self to rank at all. You have to also tweet a lot and link up your other Social Media accounts. The one service that reacts quickest to the amount I tweet and post to blogs or Facebook is EA. Klout fluctuates based on ReTweets (RTs) and DM (direct messages); and who knows how wefollow works (like I said they have me at 1400 twitter followers). Personally I use SocMed to engage with technologically like-minded  people – and get my news. Influence is only something that makes me smile. How much I’m worth on EA is just a game, but does show if you’re engaging socially.

So do you care? What do you use to measure your “Clout” on SocMed?