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Do You Like Snow?


Winter’s not really showed up in Michigan this Winter. But if it had, I’d have the snowmobile running and a hill sled run set up. We’re down like 30+ inches from last season at this time. This was ‘supposed’ to be a big snow fall year. Don’t get me wrong, not burning through the wood so fast is nice, but if it’s winter, I kinda like having snow on the ground.

So if it snows where you live, do you like it? Do you do fun things in it, like downhill skiing, sledding or ice fishing? Ooh! Snowshoeing (or snowshoe hare hunting?).

Sat out in the woods… Deer Hunting


I sat out this morning. First time this season. The rest of the days I hunted from the dining room table or the window in the kitchen. Downstairs Bedroom isn’t bad. I saw less deer (0) than any other day – even with scent mask covering everything, and apple juice rubbed everywhere near by. So where do you hunt?