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As May Draws To A Close…


US Navy comes throughWhat a month it’s been. I lost and gained a national speaker for aimWest. I almost lost a dear friend, and got her back. My dog lost a giant growth on her mammaries. Lucky I still have her too.

It’s been a hot and cold month in Michigan, but the hots have been really hot and the colds manageable. Not so with the events. Losing the USAF, as a speaker, for aimWest was really tough. I had to scramble. Gaining the Navy was awesome – if you’re near Grand Rapids MI tomorrow, you should plan on coming. Cmdr Servello of the US Navy is an awesome speaker. I am in 2 people’s debt because of it. But it doesn’t bother me. Almost losing my friend Donna was a huge mental drainer. Taking in the dog wasn’t difficult. I’m doing trade for the surgeries and she’s doing wonderfully. USAF Drops the Ball

There are various and sundry other things that happened, including some very cool things and some not so hot events. I’m not going to get into them today, however. Next month, I’m hoping for some rest and a complete lack of craziness. Wish me luck?

aimWest Is Bringing The Navy


aimWest Young ManThis month I was able to secure the Social Media Director for the US Navy to come speak to aimWest. If you live anywhere with in 2 hours of Grand Rapids, MI, I invite you to join us for this awesome event. It’s not every day the Navy becomes transparent, with out cloaking themselves… You won’t want to miss this inexpensive opportunity to network with other marketing folks from West Michigan and hear an awesome speaker.

Actual Uses for Pinterest in Business



Are you there? Should you be?

Today I found this article on 7 uses of Pinterest for business: [link] – I’ll wait for you to read it…

…Ok, what did you think? I finally see something that I can use it for.

Yesterday I delivered a Marketing Plan to a client. We didn’t list Pinterest as an avenue for the client to utilize, but I can see it entering in later this year, in say a Phase 2. They didn’t have a SocMe presence until the end of last year. Now they have a plan, and a new marketing person to help implement. And maybe – Pinterest can help. Have you found other uses for Pinterest? Have you reviewed my previous post on the demographics? [Link to prev post] — If you have a target market that includes the fairer sex… you might want to consider Pinterest.

Tech Trends

Google Auto

I would definitely consider a self-driving car. There's no train to ride to work here.

Every year, in Grands Rapids, MI, a local tech genius speaks on future trends that he predicts will happen in the next 5,10,15 years. aimWest has hosted Keith Brophy for 10 years. Keith predicted that cars would be driving themselves w/in 15 years. Now we’ve all heard about Google’s efforts with this regard, but what about this guy: http://t.co/FcO83BVG <-A Blind man driving!

Networking Events


I am really looking forward to a couple events next week. An old friend is speaking on Thursday to GRSM (google it) and a huge panel is talking about small business at aimWest (more googling). Then next month aimWest is doing our anual Tech Trends with Keith Brophey, it’s going to rock! A Fishbowl event! You should go. Check the events page at aimWest.org. GRSM is doing a series on Social Content, starting with Audience Analytics. What events are you attending in the next 45 days?

Hate to have to point


I blogged over at my Posterous site today. But I don’t know how many of you go there, so I’m mentioning it here. Go check it yo. It’s on the Filter Bubble. Do you even know what that is? Do you know about Bio-Metric filtering? Wanna get scared? It’s also about a Fishbowl event. go wikipedia that. (we’re planning another one in March-you should join us)

Great Week of Networking


If you missed me out at GRSM or aimWest, you missed a couple of great event in West MI. I’ll be blogging about them over at my Posterous site. If you wanted to view the GRSM event, that’s up on ustream. And the aimWest one will be posted somewhere for membership to view. GRSM was on how HigherEd does Social Media. aimWest was Raising an Entrepreneur.

If you did make it out to either – what was your favorite take away?