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Do you – um – Google Voice?


So I’m 13 days into this whole no land-line experiment. Saving a lot of money is worth some minor headaches. I’m looking for your testimonials here. What do you love about Google Voice. What cool things have you tried? If you don’t know what I’m talking about go here;  or to my other blog. Then come back here…

I’ll wait…

So did you go sign up? WHAT? You were supposed to go sign up for Google Voice. That’s what we’re discussing here.

…more waiting…

Done? Good. Now post some comments below.

Dropped the Land Line – Fled Sage Telecom


I wrote a nice little post over on my Posterous about Sage Telecom’s terrible practices leading to my move to a tracphone through AT and T. Saves me about $500/year.

Have you killed your home phone because everyone in your household have cells? Why are you keeping your home phone instead of just porting it over. My post even explains how to set up a Google number. There’s one more reason to drop your home land line. Yes, major phone companies (that don’t follow me) I’ll retract this post for cash or prizes.

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–Update: ATandT has a new service level – call any cell for free and unlimited texting. It’s $10/mo more. And there’s no A-List any longer. <scratch=head>how’s this better?</scratch>