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Facebook Buys Instagram for $1Bil


Will you cancel your instagram account?

Will you cancel your Instagram account, because of this?

Image from ZDNet.

I was shocked to hear that Facebook had purchased Instagram for A TON of $$s. There’s a lot of buz about it today, on G+, Twitter, Facebook and even CNN. One person thought Facebook might be targeting Pinterest, as they climb to the number 3 spot, leap-frogging past LinkedIn. I posted an interesting infographic last week about who uses each of the major social media venues.

So what do you think? Is this a smart move for Facebook? Will you continue to use it after Facebook integrates it into their service? Are you even one of the 30 million users? In 6 days on the Android store it was downloaded 5 million times. Personally, I have it, but don’t use it on my iphone.

Actual Uses for Pinterest in Business



Are you there? Should you be?

Today I found this article on 7 uses of Pinterest for business: [link] – I’ll wait for you to read it…

…Ok, what did you think? I finally see something that I can use it for.

Yesterday I delivered a Marketing Plan to a client. We didn’t list Pinterest as an avenue for the client to utilize, but I can see it entering in later this year, in say a Phase 2. They didn’t have a SocMe presence until the end of last year. Now they have a plan, and a new marketing person to help implement. And maybe – Pinterest can help. Have you found other uses for Pinterest? Have you reviewed my previous post on the demographics? [Link to prev post] — If you have a target market that includes the fairer sex… you might want to consider Pinterest.

Do you use Pinterest?


Is Pinterest a huge waste of time; a dalliance for women only; Just another Delicious but with pictures; or really important to your life?

For me? I just don’t use it. I’ve found that I don’t even really use Google+. I was an early adopter for Facebook and Twitter – I have blogged since 2002 (not here of course), but I just don’t see how I need Pinterest.

Pinterest – what do you need to know?


I don’t see me using Pinterest very much. I don’t share many pictures. I use Del.icio.us but rarely share many of my bookmarks. I just house them on Delicious.

Here’s my take on Pinterest however. Get the app for your phone, so every “funny” thing you see can be tagged. Get the Google Chrome App so you can pin every “cool” site you find and share it with your friends. And make sure that you post to Facebook every time you pin something. If you’re going to do it right, make sure it’s connected to your Twitter account. And don’t follow me. You won’t find much there. It’s Mollask, BTW.

So comment for me would you? I completely get the power and allure of most forms of Social Media. Pinterest? Not so much for me. Why do you use Pinterest? Is it addicting for you?