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Actual Uses for Pinterest in Business



Are you there? Should you be?

Today I found this article on 7 uses of Pinterest for business: [link] – I’ll wait for you to read it…

…Ok, what did you think? I finally see something that I can use it for.

Yesterday I delivered a Marketing Plan to a client. We didn’t list Pinterest as an avenue for the client to utilize, but I can see it entering in later this year, in say a Phase 2. They didn’t have a SocMe presence until the end of last year. Now they have a plan, and a new marketing person to help implement. And maybe – Pinterest can help. Have you found other uses for Pinterest? Have you reviewed my previous post on the demographics? [Link to prev post] — If you have a target market that includes the fairer sex… you might want to consider Pinterest.

OPP: Other People’s Problems


Yesterday I attended an event that reminded me that my customers have feelings, desires and needs too. Today I had a meeting with a client that can be very difficult. He recently asked for some pretty good sized changes to his website. So, I had inteded to hand him a change request (change order) at the tail end of the meeting listing the changes and cost – but he mentioned that he had scheduled a meeting, right after ours, that he was dreading. As he got up, he asked me to wish him luck…

I think I’ll email it.