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Really – REALLY looking forward to this weekend


Soccer GamesThree soccer games this weekend. The Boys U10 have a double-header against 2 teams that we either lost or tied. We’re much better than the beginning of the season. The boys are 2-2-1. I’d just be happy with one win. They’re having fun and playing very well. That’s all I really want.

Gonna be a hot weekend, here in WMI, though. I’m taking a canvas tenty-type cover for shade. Don’t need them getting all dehydrated in the 90˚ temps.

The Girls U12 is going up against a team we lost to last week. My girls didn’t show up to play last weekend. Hopefully they do tomorrow. We could’ve beat them if we’d wanted to win. The girls are at 2-3-1 – we need this win to end at 50-50. There was only one game that we weren’t in and had no hope of winning or tying. A team from Rockford MI. We should win this last game – they just have to want it. And they have to enjoy it. Unfortunately if they’re not having fun, they’re not winning.

Wish me/us luck. Any words of advice on how to motivate 11-12yr old girls: I’m all ears. *Puberty!*

Next up is my son’s birthday party. Lots of work to get the yard ready for that one. I’m taking this afternoon off to mow. I have 1.5 days to get ready.

More luck needed.