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aimWest Is Bringing The Navy


aimWest Young ManThis month I was able to secure the Social Media Director for the US Navy to come speak to aimWest. If you live anywhere with in 2 hours of Grand Rapids, MI, I invite you to join us for this awesome event. It’s not every day the Navy becomes transparent, with out cloaking themselves… You won’t want to miss this inexpensive opportunity to network with other marketing folks from West Michigan and hear an awesome speaker.


Grand Rapids Social Marketing


I moderated again this month: https://www.facebook.com/GRSML – I’m the spiky-haired guy at the opening. Hope you can learn something from a 200 store retailer based in GR. If you live in WMI, you should try attending. If not check out our stream, every month, live from the Grand Rapids Community Foundation.

Networking Events


I am really looking forward to a couple events next week. An old friend is speaking on Thursday to GRSM (google it) and a huge panel is talking about small business at aimWest (more googling). Then next month aimWest is doing our anual Tech Trends with Keith Brophey, it’s going to rock! A Fishbowl event! You should go. Check the events page at aimWest.org. GRSM is doing a series on Social Content, starting with Audience Analytics. What events are you attending in the next 45 days?

This is my daily diarrhea blog post


Sorry for the imagery

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My mother used to say that I had diarrhea of the mouth. That I’d just open it up and and fluid conversation would just stream out. My oldest spawn has that same problem, unfortunately. This blog is my daily diarrhea of the fingers. This blog isn’t devoted to anything in particular. It’s mostly just an experiment in Social Media Marketing. But I do try to post WAY more here – than My Other Blog. However, there will be more “keywords” and key phrases and mostly just what ever I feel like posting here. That is, until this blog over takes the other one in hits.

What would cause you to return here every other day to read this blog?

What is most important to you in your daily life that you just can’t go with out reading?

I’ll take my comments on air.