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Google Plus Calendar


Calendaring Today I found where google allows it’s users to post times that others can select from – to create an appointment. It’s a cool new feature, however still not as great as Tungle (See previous post).

Have you tried it yet? Have you tried Tungle?!! Go research and come back…

… done? Ok, so what do you think? Did you understand what they’re doing? Social Calendaring! Personally, I think the new setting in Google and the Tungle site are on to something. Just really hasn’t taken off. Why do you suppose that is? Privacy?

Have you used Basecamp or some other Project Management tool? There’s calendaring in these services. How is it different from Tungle?

Actual Uses for Pinterest in Business



Are you there? Should you be?

Today I found this article on 7 uses of Pinterest for business: [link] – I’ll wait for you to read it…

…Ok, what did you think? I finally see something that I can use it for.

Yesterday I delivered a Marketing Plan to a client. We didn’t list Pinterest as an avenue for the client to utilize, but I can see it entering in later this year, in say a Phase 2. They didn’t have a SocMe presence until the end of last year. Now they have a plan, and a new marketing person to help implement. And maybe – Pinterest can help. Have you found other uses for Pinterest? Have you reviewed my previous post on the demographics? [Link to prev post] — If you have a target market that includes the fairer sex… you might want to consider Pinterest.

Great Week of Networking


If you missed me out at GRSM or aimWest, you missed a couple of great event in West MI. I’ll be blogging about them over at my Posterous site. If you wanted to view the GRSM event, that’s up on ustream. And the aimWest one will be posted somewhere for membership to view. GRSM was on how HigherEd does Social Media. aimWest was Raising an Entrepreneur.

If you did make it out to either – what was your favorite take away?

Added Benefits of Networking


All of us that blog are networkers. Albeit we’re doing it virtually. I have a networking opportunity tomorrow evening. I like to get out into the Meat Space or the 3rd Dimension to physically meet the people I have met virtually. If you live in West Michigan, come on out tomorrow night to the GVSU Eberhard Center and listen to Fred Keller founder of Cascade Engineering and his daughter Christina Keller founder of Triple Quest discuss how to raise an entrepreneur. Should be a good discussion – and you’ll meet me!

So do you attend physical networking opportunities like I do? Or do you just stay in your little virtual hole and quip to the world from behind your monitor?

One of the benefits of networking physically is that you gain influence that can translate into business opportunities. Another is that you can win stuff. Yet another is that they generally have food and beverages.

Do you Facebook?


This week The Grand Rapids Social Media group is hosting our monthly meeting. If you live in West Michigan, come learn how Celebration Cinema teaches their staff on how to use Facebook, and their strategy. Should be some good info from Jeremy Bronson, from Celebration. The event starts at noon, but we don’t provide lunch – so you’ll want to pack something or hit one of the local restaurants and grab a sandy. There’s sure to be some other SocMe experts there as well. So come on down to the Grand Rapids Community Foundation and join in the discussion.