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Day 2: Back on Caffeine


Caffeination - and quitting a New Years ResolutionYes I gave in. Tuesday night I got 1.5 hours of sleep. I couldn’t function with out caffeine yesterday. Last night I was in the bed for 10 hours. I received about 8 hours (which is a huge improvement from the 4-5 I’ve been getting on average). Between late nights, early mornings for work and an early Spring in Michigan, I have permanent bags under my eyes. What’s that Bare Naked Ladies song? “Who needs sleep? You’re never gonna get it. Who needs Sleep? Tell me what that’s for.”

I woke up every hour on the 1/2 hour to blow my nose and cough last night. So this AM, I took the last cup in the pot. In my defense (other than the reasons listed above), it’s 1/2 caf. And at 8:30am in the morning – a very late start to the day for me. I needed something to clear the cobwebs and go. Do any of these resonate with you?

So much for that New Year’s Resolution. Anyone else kill there’s and how long did it take?



Michigan tulipUGGGH! Allergies are kick’n my derrière. Spring came early to Michigan – 6 weeks early actually. Well, Spring Temps/Growing Season came early. Normally, at this time of year, we still have winter temps. I still have 2.5 cords of wood to burn, and most seasons I’m splitting my backup stack to make it through March/April. I’ve actually only burned 3 nights since March 20th. Prior to that (you know the actual start to Spring), I was only burning nights, but not during the day. That’s how it goes in April, generally. The plow is still on my tractor, but I plan on putting the mower deck on this next Saturday. I’ve already gotten the first bike ride in of the season. Like 4 weeks early.

The budding foliage has created a faucet on the front of my face. I don’t know all the flowers that I’m allergic too, but which ever they are – they’re up now. Between work and allergies, I’ve gotten an average of 4.5 hours of sleep per night for over a week.


Crocuses full out at the beginning of March in West Michigan.

Now if you live in MI, you already know this – so I want to hear what you like or dislike about this Spring. You know, the Spring that started out with 87-90˚F temps. Have you swapped out your winter clothes for Spring/Summer? Do you have a trash basket and box of tissues on your desk/ottoman/dining room table (where ever you work from), like I do?

If you’re reading this somewhere other than MI, has this season been drastically different from previous years?