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Michigan tulipUGGGH! Allergies are kick’n my derrière. Spring came early to Michigan – 6 weeks early actually. Well, Spring Temps/Growing Season came early. Normally, at this time of year, we still have winter temps. I still have 2.5 cords of wood to burn, and most seasons I’m splitting my backup stack to make it through March/April. I’ve actually only burned 3 nights since March 20th. Prior to that (you know the actual start to Spring), I was only burning nights, but not during the day. That’s how it goes in April, generally. The plow is still on my tractor, but I plan on putting the mower deck on this next Saturday. I’ve already gotten the first bike ride in of the season. Like 4 weeks early.

The budding foliage has created a faucet on the front of my face. I don’t know all the flowers that I’m allergic too, but which ever they are – they’re up now. Between work and allergies, I’ve gotten an average of 4.5 hours of sleep per night for over a week.


Crocuses full out at the beginning of March in West Michigan.

Now if you live in MI, you already know this – so I want to hear what you like or dislike about this Spring. You know, the Spring that started out with 87-90˚F temps. Have you swapped out your winter clothes for Spring/Summer? Do you have a trash basket and box of tissues on your desk/ottoman/dining room table (where ever you work from), like I do?

If you’re reading this somewhere other than MI, has this season been drastically different from previous years?