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Short Working “Vacation”


I totally shut down my social media access for a week. Well that’s not entirely true. I didn’t do Facebook for a week – but did tweet a little. Also did a bit of FourSquare. And there was a couple LinkedIn posts. But not the 12 times a day like normal. I might do it again in a week.

Have any of you quit SM for a short period? Did it hurt? Was it refreshing?

The biggest thing was Empire Avenue. I quit it for a week. I got a lot of work done as a result. I purchased a “Vacation” from EA that was supposed to keep my share price the same for that week. I could still receive investment eaves, but my price was to remain unchanged for the week. The unintended consequence was that my share price plummeted immediately following my return. I posted via Facebook, Twitter, linkedin and foursquare immediately upon my return. Didn’t do any good. Anyone else have this trouble?


Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn Oh My


So I went into the Snarky Forest, today, and did not come out unscathed. I didn’t think I was being overly rude – but was called out. I also lost 6-8 followers at the same time – not sure if they coincided. I did DM the individual and apologize. I have a couple twitter friends that snark-out all the time and never get any bad responses. Well, none they care about.

I’m always completely professional on LinkeIn. I play a little on Facebook. I’m generally more professional, with a side of humor, on Twitter. I have always felt that a little sarcasm was fun. Today – someone felt hurt by my remarks. I have re-seen the light and will not be rude/sarcastic/other-than-nice on the Social front again.

What about you? Do you care what others think of you online differently than you do in person? Do you have a persona that carries over from real life to the virtual one?