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Today I Post To 4 WordPress Blogs


For the organization (aimWest) I’m president of, I will post a new event. I post this article on mollaskatude. For a client I post a new form. And on my friend Jay’s blog – I commented on his Gay Marriage post.

This afternoon, however I deliver a quote to use Drupal as a CMS/Blogging Platform. I’m even considering making Evolve’s site a Drupal site. Do you use a blogging platform as your primary company CMS platform? Why did you pick WordPress? If Drupal, why? Is there something you liked better? Why? Lots o’questions, but I’m doing this informal poll.

Why use WordPress?


I have had a few blogs in my lifetime. I’ve helped manage a couple dozen. I’m currently working on a design for a client’s new site using a CMS that has blogging at it’s core. Software, I sell most, has blogging as an option. Why use WordPress? Blogger, by Google is just as easy to set up. Posterous (which I use most frequently) is free and easy. Is it the name? Is it that there is such a large community behind it?

Next Question: how do you manage your WordPress site security?

Final Question: How many blogs do you have and do you use multiple platforms (as I do)?